has chosen to age with serenity and to accept wrinkles


Meryl Streep is loved by the public not only because she is an actress of boundless talent: she is also a positive model of femininity. The Hollywood star has always said that she has never remembered surgery and has no intention of doing it. The 71-year-old has chosen to live the relationship with time and with her age with serenity.

Unlike many fellow actresses, who, afraid of wrinkles and the effects of the passage of time, have succumbed to surgery, Meryl Streep she has always proclaimed herself an advocate of natural beauty. And not just in words, but in deeds. Never a tweak for her, who today at 71 not only has a serene relationship with her age, but can boast a beauty that would be the envy of anyone. The Hollywood star is not only a beautiful woman, but a conscious woman, who has made her maturity a strength, without giving in to fiction but preferring authenticity. Perhaps this too has contributed to making her so loved by the public, who sees in her not only an actress with boundless talent, but also a woman proud of her own experience and even of her wrinkles, therefore a positive model of acceptance.


Meryl Streep champion of natural beauty

Before being icons they are women and like all the most unattainable stars they have to deal with the natural passage of time, with wrinkles, with white hair. These are very normal effects, which however we still tend to perceive as “unacceptable” especially in the star system, when combined with ideals of perfection. But eternal youth does not exist, although many chase it at all costs and although surgery and aesthetic medicine today certainly offer various possibilities to disguise some signs of the infamous and feared “old age”. Meryl Streep, on the other hand, with her own 71 years old it has no problem. The hollywoodian actressa (Kramer vs Kramer, The Iron Lady, The Bridges of Madison County, Mamma Mia !, The Devil Wears Prada) is the second in terms of number of awards in the history of the Oscars. Despite having built a solid career studded with accolades and successes, he has always said he cares much more for his family. She has been married to the sculptor Don Gummer for over 40 years and the couple have four children. The genuineness of his private life is the same as his image.

The beauty secrets of Meryl Streep

How can she be so radiant? Meryl Streep never resorted to surgery, but when she was asked some time ago what her secrets were, her answer astonished everyone. If on the set of a film for cinematographic needs she also undergoes long make-up sessions, in her daily life the actress wears very little make-up, she prefers to keep her skin as free as possible. And that’s not all. Journalist Fi Glover reminded the Daily Mail when she herself said that her only beauty secret was never to touch her face, to avoid skin thickening, spots, bruises, irritation. And to think that this was exactly what they told us as children: “Don’t touch your face with dirty hands“! So no miracle products, no expensive treatments for the beautiful Meryl Streep, but simply an always valid” grandmother’s advice “.


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