Has Miley Cyrus plagiarized Belén Esteban on her new album? The resemblance grates

Miley Cyrus has returned stronger than ever to the music scene. The singer premiered last Friday, January 13, her new single ‘Flowers (flores)’, which will form part of his next album ‘Endless summer vacation (endless summer vacation)’, which will be released on March 10.

Miley’s first single has turned out to be a real success, it has managed to be crowned as one of the most listened to songs yesterday, along with that of Shakira and the Argentine producer Bizarrap.

Miley Cyrus revealed a few days ago what was going to be the cover for his new musical project. The chosen photograph is of Miley in a swimsuit and black heels, while she holds on to a bar hanging in the air with both hands.

The networks, seeing this cover of Miley, have not been able to avoid calling it plagiarism. And it is that the image of the cover of her leads to remember the most tragic moment who has never lived bethlehem esteban in TV.

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The day that bethlehem esteban decided to hang from that bar on the set of ‘Save me’, a turning point was marked in the life of the television collaborator. It may be that this cover of Miley is a more than explicit reference to that of Paracuellos, who will surely be very proud to see the ‘tribute’ that Cyrus has paid her. One Twitter user wondered: “Everyone talking about Shakira’s plagiarism, but no one is going to mention this one???????“. Reason is not lacking.

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