Has Tom Cruise redone his face? Talk to a cosmetic surgeon


Tom Cruise, famous American actor and film producer would have face redone. According to some comments, especially from a doctor, expert in Cosmetic Surgery, man would have exaggerated, resulting almost unrecognizable.

Has Tom Cruise redone his face? The words of the expert

Tom Cruise has now been in the limelight for almost 40 years, and is ready to return to theaters with two of his own franchise more famous. Fans, however, have recently noticed his changed face and have been alarmed by obvious cosmetic tweaks the actor has been making, especially lately. Some doctors Cosmetic surgery experts have said without too much trouble that the Mission Impossible actor would have gone too far with the fillers.

Tom Cruise is close to his birthday, but he appears with a puffy face

This weekend Cruise, will celebrate his 60th birthday next July, but he appeared in the crowd at a baseball game San Francisco Giants with son Connor and left many fans in awe due to his face appearing perhaps a little too much swollen.

tom cruise redone


The doctor Nyla Raja, founder of the clinics Medispa in Cheshire and Harley Street, during an interview with FEMAIL, revealed: “It appears that Tom overdid his wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, which had a negative effect on his appearance. If the facial structures of each individual patient are not taken into consideration, with fillers the faces can appear distorted and unnatural ”.


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