Hasbulla attacks CR7: ‘I’m more famous than him, he just passes the ball’

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Hasbulla Magomedovthe 19-year-old with child look social Media Sensation, gave his first interview and it was launched in a big way attacked Cristiano Ronaldo by ensuring that it is most famous than the Manchester United footballer.

To put in context, it should be clarified that a few weeks ago a photograph of the astro lusitano next to the archrival of Hasbulla, Abdu Rozik. When asked about the image, the celebrity of the memes was released against the captain of the Portugal team.

I couldn’t care less about Cristiano Ronaldo. I am more famous than him. All he does is pass the ball“, he said in the chat with ‘Barstool Sports’, and to Caleb Pressley, an American football player.

Abdu Rozik wasted no time in reacting to Hasbulla’s words and mocked that the 19-year-old He thinks he’s more famous than Cristiano Ronaldo.

More famous than Cristiano?“Abdu wrote, along with several emojis crying with laughter. “I can see your diaper,” he finished mockingly.

Who is Hasbulla Magomedov?

Have you ever seen a meme of a child doing adult things? Well, maybe you didn’t notice that said protagonist is Hasbullaa 19-year-old who looks like a baby.

Magomedov was born in Makhachkalacapital of the Russian republic of Dagestan, and has the appearance of a child due to a rare disease called achondroplasia that made her size, voice and face will remain in childhood.

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