Havana in the dark: a fault disconnects the Mariel generation bogs

After generation block 5 of the Nuevitas Thermoelectric Plant went out of service last Sunday due to a breakdown, which was added to the plants that suffered breakages in Cuba, on Monday The Electric Union announced the exit from the national electricity system of the Mariel mobile generation units, as well as the Tallapiedra and Regla plantsIn the Habana.

According to one brief note of that state entity, which does not mention the reasons for the breakage, After 1:00 PM this day “there was a breakdown in the 110kV Naranjito-Cerro-San Agustín line, in the capital.”

“The event caused a strong oscillation in the National Electric System, which caused the following mobile generation units to go out of service: Mariel, Tallapiedra and Regla,” he continues.

The Energas Jaruco units would also have gone out of service, for an affectation to the 312MW systemwhich is added to the already existing 400MW that had forecast blackouts in the country throughout the day.

The generating patanas located in Mariel and the port of Havana are thermoelectric ships rented from Turkey by Havana to produce electricity and that have helped alleviate the electricity crisis in the west of the country.

Although the note from the Electric Union assures that the affected service was already being restored, thePower outages had spread in Havanawhich until last week remained almost oblivious to the harsh service cuts that have caused demonstrations in at least ten provinces since the second half of July.

The electricity companies of other provinces indicated at the beginning of this week that in several territories it was not possible to comply with the programming of the blackout blocksso the cuts were more frequent and longer or were repeated in areas that would have suffered them just a few hours before.

Cubans have been demonstrating for several days against the blackouts. There are even reports that protesters have stoned state premises and stores in MLC run by the military conglomerate GAESA at night.

This has been reported on social networks in municipalities such as Jagüey Grande, in Matanzas, and towns such as Bauta, in Artemisa, Covadonga, in Cienfuegos, Baracoa, in Guantánamo, Campechuela, in Granma, and Nuevitas, in Camagüey.

In Santiago de Cuba this Monday there was a protest for the same reason in the Popular Council of Vista Alegre in broad daylight.

The electrical system of the Island is collapsed and the blackouts are constant and add up to more than ten hours of outages during each day. The Government indicated that there will be no short-term solution to such a serious situation.

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