Have you ever seen Matt Damon’s mom? He lived in a community, teaches in high school and has the same smile as the “rebel genius”


Speak about Matt Damon to someone who professes to be a cinephile it is superfluous. For all the others it is perhaps a little less so, even if not too much, given the numerous excellent films in which he took part. In his career he has had the good fortune (and merit!) To work with some of the greatest directors around and his name cannot be missing from the elite of the major Hollywood stars.

We could go on indefinitely on acting skills, the marked versatility, the ability to move between genres even quite distant from each other, with an ease that only suits the number one.

But, for the reasons mentioned above, we are going to get to know better a figure who has been very important in the growth of Matt, with a really interesting story. Let’s talk about the lady Nancy Carlsson-Paige, the mother by Matt Damon, an example of virtue, even if, after all, there was no doubt, for having raised such a good son.

Nancy Carlsson-Paige: who is Matt Damon’s mother

In the shots where they appear side by side, the resemblance between mother and child is evident. Especially the smile unites them, clearly a hereditary factor. Nancy Carlos-Paige, born on February 9, 1944, has been a woman of American descent for over 30 years pedagogy teacher and Professor for Emerita at Lesley University.


Coming from a particularly family comfortable, got married with the banker Kent Telfer Damon, from whom he decided to separate shortly after Matt’s birth.

It is also one Writer, speaker and activist. To date, he has published five books on children’s education. There are also numerous articles on media violence, conflict resolution, peaceful societies and global education.

Firmly supports policies and practices designed to promote the well-being of children and encourage skills and attitudes designed to foster nonviolence and the peace. In 2013 the Academy of Education of Arts and Sciences awarded her the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.

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