Have you seen Amanda Seyfried’s husband? He is an actor, has already been married and is the father of his beautiful children


Green eyes, blonde hair and an angelic face. After trying to break into the fashion world as a model, in 2000 she made her debut as an actress in several soap operas. 2004 is the year in which her career takes a decisive turn before with the role of the goofy Karen in the film Mean Girls and then that of Lilly Kane in the well-known TV series Veronica Mars. The success, however, came thanks to the role of Sophie Sheridan in the trilogy of Oh Mama!. In short, you will surely have understood which actress we are talking about: of Amanda Seyfried, freshly nominated for the 2021 Golden Globes in the Best Supporting Actress category for Mank. Now, we reveal the man who won her heart!

Who is Amanda Seyfried’s husband?

Since 2016, Amanda Seyfried has been romantically linked with the actor Thomas Sadoski. The two met on the set of Adorable enemy and on September 12, 2016, they publicly announced their engagement. In March 2017, they got married in a private ceremony.

Thomas Sadoski is a rather well-known actor. In film, he played Reese Witherspoon’s husband in Wild and Agent Jimmy in John Wick’s second chapter. On TV, however, he played the role of Matt Short in the sitcom Life in Pieces and Don Keefer in the acclaimed The Newsroom.

When they first met on the set of Adorable enemy, both Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski himself were both engaged, but their relationships – according to the actress, were both quite turbulent. The actor, by the way, had been married for ten years at the time. How love was born is unknown, but Seyfried revealed:

He never flirted with me on set, he never disrespected his wife. This was one of the reasons I later thought he was the man I would one day marry.

So it was. Today, the couple has two children: Nina, born in March 2017,and Thomas, born in September 2020.

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