Have you seen Will Smith’s transformation? Here’s how the actor and rapper has changed

Will Smith changed his appearance for a role. Here’s how it became

Compared to when he was a budding young actor who became famous thanks to his performance in The Prince of Bel Air, Will Smith has changed a lot. However, we are not only talking about an artistic, interpretative and character maturation, but also a notable physical change. It is precisely in his change that his dedication to acting is also noticeable, given that – like many of his colleagues – also Smith decides to modify his body for the role he plays. In the last period he is at the cinema with A winning family – King Richard, a film that tells the story of Richard Williams, father of the two tennis champions, Serena and Venus Williams. For this interpretation many shout for an Oscar. But why?

Will Smith and physical change for the interpretation of A winning family – King Richard

To stage Richard Williams, Will Smith had to change his appearance a bit. First of all we can see him with a much thicker hair and his hair is graying, which makes the actor look a little more lived-in, who only some time before had played the handsome Genius of the Lamp in the Disney live action, Aladdin. In addition to the face, Will Smith is also getting fat for this part. Some time ago some photos arrived from Will Smith’s social networks in which he proudly showed his belly, to promote also the body positive and above all being in place with oneself. In fact, the actor had published more than one photo in which he showed his naked belly to the public, proud of what he was. In the meantime, however, he has also got back into shape, but what matters most is that for his dedication to his work he is also able to change his body. Like him, other colleagues have also done the same thing, such as Christian Bale, Jared Leto and Johnny Depp.

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