Hawkeye is the misunderstood hero who now arrives on TV

It is a golden age for the Super heroes of Marvel. If you look at the phenomenon and at phase 4 of the franchise, inaugurated at the cinema with the film on Black Widow and with The Eternals, the characters continue to receive good support from the public. The criticism, on the other hand, is less affectionate. And the negative reviews on the inclusive cinecomic led by Angelina Jolie are the clearest proof. However, Marvel is also exploring the world of tv enjoyed in streaming, so much so as to build a bridge between small and large screen with relevant titles and projects that have nothing to envy to a film conceived for cinema. And we found that out on Disney + with WandaVision, Falcoln and Winter Soldier And Loki. The “gang” is also added Hawkeye, better known as Hawkeye.

The archer with an always ready joke and infallible aim, played by a convincing Jeremy Renner, now becomes the protagonist of the next Marvel series. It arrives in Italy with the first two episodes (which we saw in preview) on November 24, and then continues every Wednesday. From the opening lines it seems that Hawkeye’s experiment is very captivating. Blend satire, irony and the purest action with a story with a thousand implications. Yet, despite the premises, the series does not live up to expectations.

An action story set during the Christmas holidays, what Hawkeye is about

The story begins in 2012, connecting to the first film of the Avengers, when the city of New York is attacked by the Chitauri army. Hawkeye saves from death sure little Kate. Then the story takes a leap forward in time until 2021. Christmas is just a few days away and the city of New York is getting ready for the festivities. The former Avengers, whose real name is Clint Barton, is in town with his children trying to forget the battle against Thanos, and hoping to balance his daily life. But one cannot escape from one’s past.

By a strange coincidence, Clint again clashes with Kate (Hailee Steinfeld), the girl he saved in 2012, and who is now an expert on martial arts and archery. Daughter of a woman of the other bourgeoisie of the metropolis, the young woman finds herself embroiled in an adventure greater than her when the historical enemies of Clint, the bloodthirsty Ronins, threaten her family and Christmas. In the background is the immensity of the Big Apple wearing its best suit.

The human super-hero in constant conflict with himself

There is a lot of curiosity about this new Marvel series. Arrives on tv – and in streaming – after a long period of experimentation and after the universe of super-heroes has broadened its horizons even more. Surely, Hawkeye it’s not the best comis-series out there. After watching the first two episodes, a sense of incompleteness which leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. It makes you smile, this is true, it is fun and passionate, but there is no soul and there is no pathos. It’s an empty series, like his own character. Maybe it’s too hasty judgment after just two episodes? At the moment the TV series it did not transmit positive vibes.

Like, though, the world in which Clint Barton’s features were brushed. Compared to others, he is not a hero like the others. He’s human, he doesn’t have super power. He is agile, he knows how to kick and punch as he knows how to play with a bow and arrow, but he is corruptible like all human beings. He found himself stuck in the Avengers team by accident, only to follow his own instinct of justice and to give the family a better future. He has no unusual qualities and is a character who is not without flaws. As a man, he is guided by his propensity for survival, he is blinded by anger and from revenge. After the Blip and the defeat of Thanos (which took place in Avengers: Endgame), Clint is forced to deal with his conscience and with all the wrong choices he has made over the past 5 years. Re-establishing relationships with his wife and family is the most obvious choice and the most complicated.

Why see the TV series?

Hawkeye certainly does not shine for originality. And that’s a real shame. It is far from perfect WandaVision, which for the moment remains the most beautiful series in the entire Marvel universe. It is none other than one action story Christmas for the whole family, which will appeal to the youngest and which will arouse interest only on the most avid Marvel fan. For those hoping to see a different and high profile product, this is definitely not the most suitable series.

“An intimate story that reflects on family and loved ones”

There is great apprehension on the part of the whole cast for the debut of the tv series. Perhaps they too are aware of the weight they carry with them. During a virtual press conference, live from Los Angeles, and in which we attended, Jeremy Renner is the undisputed one hero and on which the interest of journalists falls. He’s playful, he’s self-deprecating, and often gives his young setmate an affectionate look. “The story of my character is very intense and profound. Much more than it seems – says the actor -. For me it was like coming home. It is as if I had found my family – he adds -. It may seem a cliché but it’s not like that. I’m back to being Hawkeye and this time I steal the show, but it won’t be a silly series even if it’s set at Christmas. It tells a story of family, affection and growth. There will be many surprises, profound themes, joy, pain and a pinch of tragedy “.

The first appearance in a 1964 comic

In the comics, the character of Haweye has a very special history. It was also created by Stan Lee but designed by Don Deck. His first appearance, under the name of Archer, is in the first volume of Tales of Suspense in 1965. He has a criminal past, is endowed with a vast arsenal of bow and arrow, has a shy and brash character. Despite everything he has always been part of the Avengers team. In the comics he had a brief romance with the Wasp and was killed in a battle against the Kree. Come back to life thanks to a magic from Wanda. He never had a book of his own. In 2011, according to the ranking drawn up by IGN, he is in 44th place of the Marvel super-heroes most appreciated by the public.

After Hawkeye the franchise does not stop …

The future of super-heroes is already being thought of. After Hawkeye other TV series are on the way. Like the one above She / Hulk, the one about the very bad Agatha Harkness (appeared in WandaVision), the one on Echo and the second season of What If… Waiting is also X-Men’97, series that marks the TV debut of Wolverine and co.

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