HBO Max premieres this June Gordita Chronicles, the new coming-of-age series produced by Zoe Saldaña

HBO Max continues to search for new content to enrich its catalog. And not everything is going to be fast-paced thrillers or science fiction stories. Comedy also has its place on the platform Warner Bros Discovery.

This June, for example, HBO Max will premiere Chubby Chroniclesa coming-of-age comedy that will include among its producers Zoe Saldana (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Adam Project).

Gordita Chronicles will feature a Dominican family that moves to Miami in the bustling 1980s, with the goal of “living the American dream.”

The series owes its title to its main character, Cucu “Gordita” Castelliwho will give life Olivia Gonçalves. Cucu is a young woman who has just left her lifelong friends behind and will start a new life in the hedonistic Miami of 1985.

Accompanying Olivia Goncalves in Gordita Chronicles we find Juan Javier Cardenas What VictorCucu’s father, a marketing executive looking for his big break in America.

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If you like series like Friends, The Sopranos or Game of Thrones, HBO Max has these and many more in its catalog.


Diana Maria Rivera will play Adela, Cucu’s lively mother, while Savannah Nicole Ruiz he will do the same with Emilia, the older sister of “Gordita”, a teenager obsessed with social status.

Gordita Chronicles will present American life very differently than the Castelli family had imagined. However, they will try to thrive in their new city, as so many immigrant families did in their time.

The series is defined as “a singularly funny coming-of-age series about family, opportunity, love, resilience and the audacious challenge of the status quo in pursuit of the ‘American dream'”.

HBO Max will premiere this new comedy on Thursday, June 23thus increasing its catalog of series. Eva Longoria directs the pilot episode of Gordita Chronicles, with a script by Claudia Forestieri.

Among the outstanding premieres of HBO Max for this month we also find season 4 of Westworld, which will land a few days later, on June 26.

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