He breaks it in training and Reynoso would give him a chance at Cruz Azul against Montreal

Juan Reynoso would give minutes to a quarry jewel against Montreal
Juan Reynoso would give minutes to a quarry jewel against Montreal

Blue Cross he is already preparing his match against Montréal of the quarterfinals of the Concachampions where they will seek to rebuild the path after in the League they have not won in the last three games and have fallen behind in the table.

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So the match against Montreal will be a good test to regain confidence and also get an advantage for the return match that will be in Canada. So that John Reynoso He would make changes to his starting eleven.

One of them would be to give opportunities to players who haven’t had too many minutes but who have shown enough quality in training and in games where they have played ten or five minutes.

One of them would be the new jewel from the quarry of Blue Cross because it has impressed John Reynoso with his great quality as well as being a benchmark in the team’s under-20 where he has even become the axis of the attack.

Which player would have minutes against Montreal?

It would be about Rodrigo Huesca, The Mexican winger would be part of Juan Reynoso’s scheme for the duel against Montreal. The young man already had minutes against Puebla weekend he looked quite good but due to the score he had to leave but now he will have another opportunity to show off.

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