He comes from Argentina, he has the 700 million USD to erase Amaury from Chivas

Amaury Vergara / Argentina
Amaury Vergara / Argentina

Chivas He has had great difficulty buying the players he needs to have a more competitive team. Jesús Martínez himself, owner of Grupo Pachuca, affirmed with André Marín that the team does not have enough money under the leadership of amaury Vergara. Undoubtedly a painful blow for the current owner of the Flock.

Therefore, many consider that an owner with sufficient economic solvency could improve the situation of the Sacred Flock, who is proposing an interesting project under the orders of Fernando Hierro and Veljko Paunovic. So there is a businessman who can convince Amaury Vergara and continue with the established project.

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We are talking about Diego Calderon, husband of Amaury Vergara’s sister and who performs important functions at Omnilife. Graduated from the Catholic University of Argentina, he has enough confidence for Amaury to leave his position at Chivas. In addition to the fact that he was seen at the chiverío facilities a few weeks ago.

Studies of Diego Calderón according to LinkedIn

The division of labor can benefit Chivas

With Amaury taking charge solely of Omnilife and with a manager that focuses on Chivas, he seems to be a working model for the team. It should be remembered that the separation of companies has been important for some teams such as Club América, who recently separated the club from Grupo Televisa.

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