He described how much he earns from a week of work in the United States and said it allows him to save

Agustin is Argentine and moved to the United States hoping to get a better quality of life. He currently resides and works in Texas and on his social media gave an overview of how much money he earns there, as well as what the expenses are. What they asked her the most was what she worked on to earn that amount and left everyone surprised. The young man went viral for having revealed so many details of what it is to live the American dream.

It was through his TikTok account @agustinzge where he posted a video in which he is seen counting all the money he received in seven business days. According to what he said, He was paid $1,041 for his remodeling and cleaning services.. Of course, he clarified that he told everything from his experience and that there may be jobs that pay more or even less.

He counted how much he earns in a week working in the US.

Although not all the information was clear, according to users of this social network. So they took advantage of Agustín’s disposition to ask you some other questions about what your necessary expenses were: housing, food, transportationamong others, to get an idea of ​​how much you could save in a month.

“You forgot to say that you have to pay rent, car insurance, health insurance, food, etc.”, “Here in the USA to live the American dream is not how much you earn, the important thing is how much you save”, were some of the question comments that forced him to make a second explanation video.

The young Argentine explained to his followers what should be invested when living in US territory. He gave a bigger picture to all who wish to follow in his footsteps. “here nothing is free”, was the phrase with which he wanted to make it clear that you have to make an effort to obtain the profits that many expect.

This is how much someone who works in the United States spends per month

Agustín listed everything he spends in a month and concluded in the following amounts:

Finally, He said that what he earns in a week, which was what he showed in his video, helps him a lot to cover the necessary expenses and the remainder can be saved. This is how he became the envy of some people who want to be in his shoes. “Here you have to work at least two weeks to pay the rent and you pay it in a week,” they told him in the comments.

When questioned about the permission needed to earn income in the North American country, Agustín recommended always having a valid visa. So on the page of the Citizenship and Immigration Service there is a list of the visa that a foreigner can request depending on the profession or occupation that they are going to carry out.

The most common is that it is an employer who processes the document for one of his workers, but a professional himself can do it on his own and manage to work in a company.


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