“He forgets about the problems; is the best medicine for Seniors”

CHULA VISTA.- “I would like more compañeras to come because here is life, because you live with people, you dance, you forget about problems, you forget about illnesses. She heals herself, she is the best cure; It is the best medicine for Seniors!”.

Thus, with remarkable enthusiasm, emphatic and with full conviction, Hermelinda Castro referred to the new club for older adults “Los Girasoles Seniors Club”.

“I was in the Kimball Seniors group in National City, which went out of business. I don’t know when they will open it again or if they are going to open it. And I’m looking for it because she is a medicine ”, she insisted when being briefly interviewed at the Norman Center in Chula Vista.

Hermelinda Castro enjoyed the moment and put her “personal style” to the dance. Photo: Horacio Renteria/El Latino San Diego.
Without inhibitions and enjoying the music, the attendees at the Norman Center in Chula Vista danced. Photo: Horacio Renteria/El Latino San Diego.
“It makes us come alive, feel with joy”

Rosa López, another member of the Club, who has only started for four months, said, “and I have loved it because we are adults, so we get very angry at home and coming to the group makes us feel happy, relive , we breathe tranquility, joy, it is a beautiful coexistence with all the people ”.

What message would you give to other older adults?, we asked.

“I would recommend them one hundred percent to come because it is to be talking, which is very important, to dance, sing, talk with the compañeras (os). It is a beautiful experience that I would recommend one hundred percent to all of you. “I invite you to come and you will not regret it. Coming here is forgetting everything…everything else. I feel very happy, very happy and I feel blessed to belong to Club Los Girasoles Seniors right now” Lopez added.

Salvador Gómez was very happy on his first day at the Club for Seniors. Photo: Horacio Renteria/El Latino San Diego.
“It’s my first day that I come,
but I had a great time”

But not only women are part of this group, since Salvador Gómez, who is 83 years old, got up to dance and at the end he told us to a specific question: “It is my first day that I come here but I have had a great time. I have many friends here. I live here in Chula Vista.

And I like to come to the clubs because I have fun and I’m not locked up.

I belonged to the Friendship Club and the Shirley Club. A lady who does dances. And I am very happy because I have many friends here and I come to have fun”.

Diseases threaten the elderly such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s, among many others, we mention.

“Yes for being locked up,” Salvador replied. “This is a liberation; We don’t have to lose the rhythm and we forget about problems, about illnesses”.

For her part, Carolina de La Mora, founder of Los Girasoles Seniors Club, said that “after the pandemic everything is pure happiness, we meet again with all the friends who were there before COVID-19. We are starting. Blessed God the Father gave us that opportunity to be here enjoying the seniors”.

Very smiling Carolina de la Mora, founder of the Club accompanied by Rosa López and another of the members of the cheerful group of older adults. Photo: Horacio Renteria/El Latino San Diego.

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