He found him next to the train track and what he told him left him stunned: “I want to get to the United States”

Thousands of people have lost their lives in the pursuit of the American dream. With a backpack full of hope, they leave their homes and leave their families to reach the United States so they can have a better quality of life. But not everyone suffers the same fate: Some die trying and for others it is very difficult to set foot on US territory. This is the case of Erik, a migrant from Guatemala who crossed all of Mexico walkingfor the sole purpose of reach the border with the North American country.

A tiktoker named Daniel Gutiérrez was in charge of making this news known through his account @soyquiensoyoficial. Apparently, The Mexican found this migrant while walking on the train tracks in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and decided to intercept him to ask him about his state of health. He thus found out that he had been traveling on foot for almost a month to reach Monterrey, Nuevo León.

A Guatemalan crossed almost all of Mexico on foot to reach the United States

He came from Guatemala because he intends to meet his aunt who lives in the United States. He claims that she traveled the same path, so he took her as an inspiration to move that way. She traveled by train from Oaxaca (a state in southern Mexico) to Puebla (an entity in the center-south), but when she arrived in the city of Puebla she did not have the same luck to take the tram, so since then he has walked for whole days.

From Oaxaca to Puebla, the migrant from Guatemala took 20 days to arrive
From Oaxaca to Puebla, the migrant from Guatemala took 20 days to arrive

From Puebla he arrived in Colima, after a period of 20 days on foot. Later, she walked for another two days until she arrived in the capital of Jalisco. The tiktoker questioned why he didn’t take the train again, to which Erik replied that it had not been possible for him because he was going very fast and it could be dangerous climb without precautions.

What would have been most expected from the journey that this man has lived to reach the United States was that his family supported him, but it was not like that. He himself assured that he communicated with his loved ones through Facebook, when he got a little money and entered a cybercafe. On one occasion, he asked them to send him help so he could buy a bus ticket. to take him to Nuevo León, but they never replied to his messages. “They saw the messages, but they couldn’t send me the money,” he stated.

The Guatemalan toured all of Jalisco along the train tracks
The Guatemalan toured all of Jalisco along the train tracks@soyquiensoyoficial/TikTok

The tiktoker Daniel he helped him by giving him his shoes, since the migrant was walking with dress shoes that seemed uncomfortable to him and that were also too small for him. Also gave him some moneyso that he could buy something to eat or complete the money he required for the bus ticket.

Erik’s story went viral, reached more than two million views, and thousands of Guatemalans sent him their best wishes. But not only that, but surprisingly there were some members of his family who recognized him and asked the tiktokeros for support to locate him: “Hello, I would like to know information about him, where is he from now, I am his cousin’s girlfriend, he is here (in the United States) and I did not know that he was coming here and needs to know.”

Other users undertook the search, Until now, no further information is available on what happened.: If the Guatemalan finally managed to reach Monterrey, if he continues walking to get there or if his family was able to find him.

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