“He has his life and I have mine”: Carmen Villalobos talks about her marriage

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For some time the Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos, remembered for her antagonistic role in “Café con aroma de mujer” and her leading role in the remake of “Until silver separates us” He has been clearing up the rumors about his marriage for some time.

One of the moments that caused the most doubts about their relationship was when the actress from Barranquilla, at the India Catalina awards, arrived at the event without her husband Sebastian Caicedo, something that caught the attention of the attendees.

They immediately asked the actress about the rumors of a separation between them, to which she clarified: “Nothing is happening, because everyone asks me, but wait, we stop putting together photos of the two of us and they ask us questions. My people, don’t worry, the day something happens, the whole world will know about it, the ring speaks for itself!”

However, in many photographs that the actress has taken, the ring is no longer visible and the rumors gained strength again a few days ago due to statements in the Colombian publication. “I know everything” in which they assured that Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Caicedo are no longer a couple and that he would be the one who asked his wife for a break because their paths are “increasingly separate”.

Rumors that the actress recently confirmed in an interview conducted by MixTV, in it he assured that “When you have always shown the relationship and when it has been very public, it is a little strange not to see each other anymore. It is a decision we made at the beginning of the year. Separate the races, the human beings,” he told the outlet.

She also emphasized that her husband he still has his life and “I have mine and sometimes that was mixing and causing problems. So we decided that they did not see us ‘together’ so that each one can continue building those dreams and the personal things that we have.

He ends by assuring that “here we are. He is in Bogotá very involved in his projects, he is very involved in that spiritual field and I am full with the novel (“Until silver do us part”).

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