‘He has nothing to do in El Tri’; Colt Gutierrez on Chicharito

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Within the environment of Mexican team there is still a great controversy about whether they should summon Chicharito Hernández again or not, Well, given Tata Martino’s lack of a goal, many see him as ‘the solution’. In the same way there are characters like the Colt Gutierrez who consider that he should not attend, because ‘his time has passed’.

Chicharito Hernandez has repeatedly confessed that would like to wear the national team shirt, despite the fact that ‘he is older’, but if he is not summoned there is no problem either, because he only wants El Tri to triumph.

Potro ‘would close the door’ on Chicharito

Speaking with ‘W Sports’, the Poro Gutierrez I consider that Chicharito Hernández has nothing to do with the national teamsince calling him is not going to translate into goals and he considers that his moment has passed.

“For me, today Pea has nothing to do in National Team. He was a reference at the time, but nothing guarantees us that goals will be scored with him”, mentioned Raúl Gutiérrez.

In addition to this, the Colt Gutierrez confessed that heTri veterans are not the answer absolute, since he sees better mixing them with the young, so that little by little they inherit their place and put together a more complete team.

“I think the team has not had that consistency what we expect The inclusion of the new generation with Tata Martino is a great success. I think the key is in the new generation. Because you beat Jamaica and others, but they are teams that don’t propose like the United States and Canada”, confessed Gutiérrez.

Why is Chicharito no longer in the Mexican National Team?

Chicharito has not been summoned with the Tri since 2019, it is believed that ‘it is vetoed’ but at the moment there is nothing confirmed; Many fans ask come back to wear the green shirt.

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