He is already his dad! Olimpia goes through its three points in La Ceiba and recovers the lead after beating Vida


Without playing fast-paced football, but being effective as they are in the age of Peter TroglioOlimpia defeated Life (0-2) to continue at the top of the Closing 2023.

A goal with mischief and daring from Edwin Solani (44′) in his second title and the same with a touch of fantasy from the Brazilian Yan Maciel (58′), were enough to leave the coconut trees stretched out in front of their fans.

Life He generated some dangerous plays but when he saw the white shirts, they failed in the last touch. A clear one had it Juan Ramon Mejia in the first half but he threw it wide; the other was from Christian Sacaza in the plugin that he also threw out.

Peter Troglio He had the luxury of shaking up the starting 11, he saved the best men for the complement. He gave new players like Jack Jean-Baptiste and Edwin Solani a chance and tried a single leading man who was Jorge Benguché and everything worked out for him.

El León, in addition to being the master and lord at the top of the tournament with 10 units, same as UPN wolveshas a defense of steel, they have not conceded a single goal in four dates played.

When you have players who can break a defense like Jose Mario Pinto Y Edwin Solani, give them the ball. This is how the first score of the game was born, the left-handed winger slipped through the side of Bryan Barrioshe took it to the limit until he beat the bottom line and sending a poisonous cross into the area, he arrived Solani a close the clamp to beat Mosquera.

This action lowered the revolutions of the coconut box that sought to cut off that communication that those shorties had who, having German El Patón Mejía and Jorge Álvarez who entered through Baptiste as squires, gave him the peace of mind to dominate the game at will.

The long-haired team was superior in the second half, and with the star team, they gained more ground. In minute 58, two men who know how to handle the ball came together, again Jose Mario Pinto returned to assist. He made a wall with Yan Maciel that looked like tennis soccer, ended up enabling the Brazilian who did not let it fall, and spliced ​​it with the chimpa to make it 2-0 in the squad.

The South American cried when he saw that the ball kissed the net, because the injuries had not allowed him to show that quality that he always showed in his football.

PedroTroglio released the bulls, sent Kevin López and Bengtson to the attack and they quickly went into action, but the coconut trees closed the spaces so as not to continue suffering.

With the departure of Pinto and Solani, they lost depth and the whites dedicated themselves to treating the ball well, already with the work done in the game.

In this way, the lion arrives at the classic on Saturday against Motagua in the Olímpico, with the favorite card and with a football that has its fans with their chests full of pride and satisfaction.

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