“He is not contemplating directing Honduras, for now”


The name of the technician Colombian, Reinaldo Rueda It has sounded very loud in the last few hours so that he can return to lead the Honduran National Team, which managed to qualify for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa after 28 years without achieving it.

Rueda, a naturalized Honduran, is a coach with a long history, with his knowledge and leadership he also managed to seal his first World Cup as a coach for his career and four years later he led Ecuador to Brazil 2014.

However, in this tie heading to Qatar 2022, it did not go very well, since it eliminated the Chilean and Colombian teams in the same process. That is why the 66-year-old helmsman has taken refuge in silence, after being officially separated from the coffee squad.

DIEZ contacted one of his best friends, Francisco Henao, a journalist from the newspaper El País in Cali, Colombia, with whom he has had a very close relationship for decades. “The teacher Reinaldo Wheel is not contemplating going to Honduras, for now”, he sentenced.

“The only thing I can tell him is that he ( Reinaldo Wheel ) is not contemplating directing and I don’t think he is contemplating options and now his departure from the Colombian national team ”.

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Via phone call, Henao told TEN who maintains a strong friendship with Reinaldo Wheel since 1995 and that in Colombia there is the possibility that the Colombian DT could direct the National Athletic where he conquered a Libertadores Cup.

”That is handled as speculation (in Colombia), it is not confirmed. What happens is that Professor Rueda is close to directors of National Athletic and this team has an interim coach (Hernán Darío “El Arriero” Herrera), so that possibility is handled, but they have not made it official”.

He then emphasized that “knowing the professor Reinaldo Wheel that he is a serious person, I don’t think he is contemplating directing at the moment. Rather, I think he’s going to let a few days go by for things to cool down.”


He recalled that Dr. Rueda did not comply with taking Colombia to the Qatar 2022 World Cup and that this has left him emotionally beaten.

“He’s pretty beat up- pause and continue– because the criticism has been quite harsh, especially from people who praised him until recently. The fans have been very harsh with the criticism and to that is added the elimination. So he has been really beaten and has preferred to remain in confinement, in his house and avoid exposing himself these days ”.

What is the concept that Professor Rueda from Honduras has? – we asked him.

”He has always had good comments about his time in Honduras. He always talks about that group that he led and that gave him the opportunity to qualify for the World Cup in South Africa 2010. He always speaks wonders of his country, his team and football. The times we talk about his background he speaks highly of Honduras and Ecuador ”, Henao highlighted.

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He then told us that when Honduras beat El Salvador 1-0 on that night of October 14, 2009 that qualified for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, “I had the honor of being the first journalist to speak with Professor Rueda in the dressing room, That day was a party in the dressing room of Honduras”, added Henao.

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