“He is the best penalty taker in the world”

After his penalty against Nantes goalkeeper Alban Lafont during the Champions Trophy (3-1), fans claim that Neymar scored for the first time in his career a penalty with the lowest speed. Indeed, the Brazilian had missed a penalty last season against Alban in Ligue 1, however this penalty was a kind of revenge for the Parisian star. According to Tribuna, that’s why he took time before shooting the ball in order to deceive the Nantes goalkeeper. Neymar Jr nailed the Alban Lafont and according to fans he nearly broke the keeper’s hip.

NeymarBall_: Neymar on penalty, the longest seconds to live when you are a goalkeeper.

Bataringe 🇦🇴: Do you realize that Lafont could have broken his hip on Neymar’s penalty?! He is the best penalty taker in the world.

Luca Demange: Thefont was still firmly on his feet, without giving any indications. But Neymar quickly reminded him that he is the best penalty taker. So much ease.

Flavinho: We avoided the reports / lessons exploded to come on the penalties of Neymar coming from Lafont.

Philosophy: Oh Neymar’s penalty mddr he trolled loudly Lafont.

STERLING_MONGONDZI: LAFONT didn’t understand anything about Neymar’s penalty.

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