He left a $3,000 tip, changed his mind, and the restaurant made a drastic decision

Good news does not usually stand out in the daily news gale, however when a woman received a generous tip last Junethere were many who echoed that unique action.

The waitress had served a customer in Alfredo’s Pizza from Scranton, Pennsylvania, but now this restaurant will take the diner to court and all for an action that surprised them.

In June, the administrators of Alfredo’s Pizza they were shocked to see that a customer who had only consumed $13 for a plate of stromboli left $3000 tip. At first, they couldn’t believe it, but when they verified the charge with the credit card The emotion invaded them and they praised the incredible generosity of this man, identified as Erick Smith, to the waitress Mariana Lambert. In addition, everything made sense when they saw, in the signature of the ticket, that his action was registered in the movement Tips for Jesuswhich proposes giving generous “tips for Jesus”.

This fact not only moved the staff, but also crossed the borders of the United States by going viral and also attracted the attention of the press. Several portals wanted to know how was each detail and how Mariana felt with this noble act. In interviews, the young Ella made clear both her excitement and her deep appreciation. Nevertheless, time later everything started to get complicated and that positive news turned sour when the restaurant received an unthinkable mail.

The cost of the meal was $13 and the diner left a tip of $3,000.
The cost of the meal was $13 and the diner left a tip of $3,000.minute one

In the, Erick Smith claimed the charge of the US$3,000 he made that day. They did not believe what they read, so, before being alarmed, managers contacted their client because they thought it was all a misunderstanding. In addition, there was an important detail: they had already given the waitress the money, because it was supposed to be for her, and the woman had already spent it.

Unfortunately, in that contact they realized that the man was actually claiming the refund, which the restaurant should have done, losing on the spot $3,000according to the store manager, Zachary Jacobson.

We thought someone was really trying to do some good. And then how much? Three months later? There is nothing. There is nothing to show at this time,” Jacobson told TheNews Station.

Tips are usually a way of thanking the good service received in an establishment
Tips are usually a way of thanking the good service received in an establishmentUnivision

The manager explained that he had communicated through Facebook with the client, but that he stopped answering and told them to report him. Ultimately, they had to do that because, he said, the economic loss is too great.

I hope he owns up to his actions and comes forward and pays for this because he shouldn’t have done that if this was going to be the end result.”, added Jacobson, who is convinced that they can obtain a favorable ruling from the judge. However, he also expressed “sadness and disappointment” that this great gesture has turned into an unpleasant trance for his business.

In addition, following this incident, some questioned the movement Tips for Jesusfounded in 2013 by Jack Selby. However, there are other testimonials on social networks that would indicate that it is not a form of fraud.

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