He lost everything! Yordi Rosado went bankrupt due to a bad investment

The Mexican Yordi Rosadowho has achieved great popularity and recognition thanks to his interviews with great figures in the artistic world, including Alan Tacher, Eugenio Derbez, Mauricio Ochmann, Michelle Rodríguez and Joaquín Cosíoto name a few.

However, that is not all, since he is also in charge of the program ‘Everything happens at night’ where He confessed that he lost all his savings, in a foundation that he started, well He hoped it would bring him big profits. situation that did not occur, despite all his confidence in the project.

“I recently did a business, a company in which I trusted cannon, and therefore romanticism: ‘yes it will last, yes it will last’. I spent literally a year and a half with some shocking expenses”explained the driver.

Yordi Rosado learned from his bad investment

Likewise, he pointed out that The most unfortunate thing is that he lost all his savings, including the money he had as backup, so his partner Sofía Escobosa encouraged him by assuring him that he was going to recover them and that it is always good to take a risk.

“There goes the worst mistake of life: I lost all the savings of my life, all in a year and a half for: ‘yes, yes, I have to trust’. I threw myself with all the passion”, began Yordi Rosado, prior to assuring that his failed foray as a businessman made him understand the importance of having investors.

“I said: ‘I don’t want partners for life anymore’, Take it! I remembered that the partners share the losses, if there are no profits, at least the losses, but that’s the way it is,” commented the famous 50-year-old, who in the podcast El flask, by Mau Nieto and Román Torres revealed that he did not earn badly on Televisa, since his salary was above one hundred thousand pesos a month.

“It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t that good either, we didn’t all earn the same, I earned 140 thousand pesos a month for another roll”explained the driver, where he also commented that not everyone earned the same on the program.

Yordi Rosado wanted to make a foundation

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