He must have fallen into the river after a heart attack: They found a missing elderly man dead in Rancagua (VIDEO)

PDI confirmed that the body found by locals in Donihue matched that of Louis Godoy.

O'Higgins: He found the body of Luis Godoy, an elderly man who had disappeared in Rancagua.

P.O.I. given details this Thursday after Discovery of the lifeless body of Louis GodoyA 60 year old man it was missing since last 18 august In rancaguain the field of o’higgins,

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During the day on Wednesday Locals found the dead body of an elderly man on the banks of the Kachapol river.at the height of the commune donihue,

PDI stated that, as per the expertise done by Medical Legal Services (SML), cause of death matches a massive blow.

The civil police said it matched versions that indicated the occurrence of an incident with similar characteristics in 2019. This caused me to lose my concept of time and space.

PDI expressed a hypothesis that indicated that man He may have suffered a cerebrovascular accident due to which he fell on the banks of the Kachapol river. and, because of the strong front system that influenced the region in those days, Its flow increased, due to which his body was dragged for 23 kilometers. At the place where it was found, in the commune of Donihue.

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Image: POI.

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