“He passed away a few years ago, but I would have…”

Looking at Manchester United’s official website, we find a statement that for several months Paul Pogba was the last time he was asked about his position in the debate over who seems to be the better footballer between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

In a Q&A he completed for Red Devils fans, the French world champion made it clear that beyond wondering who is the greatest at the moment, he is one of those who is simply dedicated to enjoying , recognizing and valuing the impact of two legends doing something never seen before in gaming.

“Who is better, (Lionel) Messi or (Cristiano) Ronaldo? It’s a good question, but a tricky one because there isn’t a better one for me. They are two different footballers. They are two footballers who generate joy when you see them play.

Anyone is going to have their own opinion about them, but, to me, they’re two legends. I will only say that they are two legends and neither is better than the other. They are two people who give us, footballers and football fans, joy to see them.said Pogba, in statements (2021) collected on the Manchester United website.

These words were spoken before El Bicho returned to the entity of Old Trafford, but his speech would surely not change much now that he has the Portuguese as a partner because in recent years he has was also said to be a total fan of Lionel Messi’s game.

And, while some are clouded by rivalries and jerseys, it’s impossible not to admire what the two have achieved in the sport.

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