He sent 8,000 letters to my fan who was insisting that Harry Styles be sentenced to prison.

A 35-year-old woman has been sentenced to 3 months in prison for beating up a singer.
Elle pendant for the occasion of the British Star Award, 10 years old.
Originally from Brazil, he sent his idol around 8,000 letters.

She was expecting a messenger from 8,000 cards in my days. Mayra Carvalho, a 35-year-old British woman, has been in business for 14 weeks after marrying Harry Styles, the British press reports, citing the BBC. She may ban anyone from approaching the singer or his assistant for 10 years. She wouldn’t pay more to be released in a north-west London prison by the Cour, or to be the chanteur who appears in a scene in July.

According to the prosecutor, Mayra Carvalho has been coming to Royaume-Uni for the past decade and her family is not in her current state. Installed in a youth restaurant in west London, you will be able to send handwritten letters to the singer, as well as a series of command letters in lines and books at the star’s place of residence. Parmi les quelque 8,000 couriers-messengers, appearing in the wedding cards and two letters in the personal account of Harry Styles.


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