He showed the “price inconsistency” in the United States when comparing the products he bought and generated a debate

Agos Tanquía, an Argentine tiktoker who lives in Miami, shared a video that baffled her followers and that she described as a “price inconsistency” in the United States: buying a candle in a supermarket cost almost the same as a large ring light to record. Among the comments, someone gave an explanation and others took the opportunity to compare the costs with those in Argentina.

Something that caught my attention in the United States is literally the inconsistency of prices. I was shopping for a candle and a giant ring light with its tripod and all its things and I got practically the same thing. So with everything ”, the young woman began in the recording for her more than 49,000 followers. In the clip, you can see that the cost of the candle is $6.99, while the ring costs one dollar more.

Tiktoker Argentina shows the inconsistency of prices in the products they sell in the United States

The recording caused all kinds of reactions, especially among those who compared the prices with those in the tiktokera’s country of origin. “In Argentina, a rental is worth the same or less than a shoe”, someone reacted. “The same with food, a whore turns out the same as a hamburger,” commented another person. While one more wanted to give an explanation to the costs: “It is transferring the costs to the countries and their population, it is economical because they exploit the materials and labor of countries,” he shared.

This is not the first time that the young woman shares curiosities of the North American country for her audience. She also vlogs her life in Miami, as well as tours and comparisons between the prices of various products.

In another recording, Agos published what Argentine products are in a Latin supermarket in the United States: “Welcome to Argentina”, begins the video in which he first focuses on cornstarch alfajores, which cost $6.99, while the traditional dulce de leche costs $4.99. You can also see glazed alfajores for $10.99. As the mate can not be missing in your pantry, the half kilo of the Canarias brand has a cost of 5.99 dollars.

What Argentine things are in a supermarket in the United States? Tiktoker gives an explanation

After several comments asked him where was that latin corner in miami, she answered that it is called Art Deco and that it is located in South Beach. “The Terrabusi was never the cheapest”, someone shared about the different brands and varieties that Agos published.

A woman joked about the situation: “There is more variety of weed in the United States than in the supermarket here from my house in Buenos Aires,” she compared when she saw the clip.

Other followers who also live in the United States emphasized that in Miami is where all these products are concentratedsince in the cities where they live they do not always find them: “I live in Virginia and there is nothing like that,” shared a user.

Although there were also comments against it, among which those who pointed out that the supermarket with Latin products that the tiktoker had chosen had the highest prices stood out. Through your videos, Angos shows what life is like for an Argentine in Miami and some situations that catch her attention because they do not occur in the country, this is how she has created a community focused on fashion and vlogs that adds more than 1.1 million “likes”.

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