He talks about the economic differences with Olimpia, about the signings, and would he leave his position in exchange for a title?


In an exclusive interview for Diez, Elias Burbarapresident of the Royal Spainresponded to everything in the face of what is coming for the club in 2023.

The maximum representative of La Máquina has referred to the Clausura tournament, the challenge of the Concacaf Champions League and also about the signings.

“If I have to put my position in exchange for a title, I would do it”, was one of the phrases he released Elias Burbara, who also spoke of the economic difference that exists with Olimpia, the team that has dominated the National League in recent championships.

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The decision to sign Julio “Palomo” Rodríguez as coach of Real España.
I had him a little resentful because he interviewed him and didn’t hire him ha ha ha. The concepts that he presented to us caught our attention and in the preparation, since he graduated from a good Uruguayan school, we only had the slightest doubt about the experience at that time. He has been working, he has been training and the time has come.

The banner of the fans demanding titles.
I have felt identified with them, mostly because we have the same feeling. For several years we have been looking for the objective, it has not been given to us, that is why everyone has caused a bad concept of the word “process”.

I used that word in 2019 and without a doubt that 2019, 2020, we were working on forming a player base, since the coming of Raúl Gutiérrez in the 2020-21 campaign we have searched for the title, it escaped us twice, first we lost one group final, then another final, both with Olimpia, we lost to Motagua, that tournament was non-sports issues that prevented us and people are thirsty for signings, signings…

The job is already done, we don’t need eight signings, so the goal we set ourselves a couple of months ago was two punctual players, Julio Rodríguez was told to bring someone from Uruguay because we didn’t have many alternatives here. Maybe that’s where the team needs one last adjustment, we’re still analyzing it, but the reality is that Julio has a team ready to compete on his hands.

End the title drought in this Clausura 2023 tournament.
One has to trust in the work, it is a matter of time before the fruits come, obviously we do not want it to happen to us that we ate the very green fruit.

Today we have the team ready, let’s summarize the last four tournaments: group finals, then we lose the semifinal on penalties, we lost the final against Olimpia, we lost the final against Motagua, we lost the Concacaf semifinals against Alajuela. The work is really ready, we missed the titles.

I’m saying, we missed the championships, before we weren’t even candidates. We have a base team for at least the next four or five years, minimum. We have the lowest average age in the league. The work is done, hopefully we don’t miss any more titles, we already have the team formed to be up there competing. Real España is a candidate to fight for the title this tournament, the next one and we are going to make good presentations at an international level.

The subject of signings.
It is not really that we are looking for someone openly, as well as saying: “we employ someone, send a resume”, we are looking for a specific player, we are already in the process of negotiating, it is someone national because the places for foreigners are full. If we manage to close that signing, we will make it official and if for one reason or another it is not possible to close that specific player, we are left with what we are.

Is it a side due to the departure of Kevin Álvarez and the suspension of Wisdom Quayé? Is Carlos Argueta the one you are looking for?
Let’s see, names can come and go, but we are looking for a versatile player, with the departure of Yeison Mejía, that versatile player could be Carlos Mejía, a right-wing midfielder, we want him to be multifaceted. We are reacting to Yeison’s departure.

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Did it bother you that Lacayo went to neighboring Marathón?
On the contrary, it was an agreement between clubs, Marathón contacted us and it was an inter-institutional deal.

Elías Burbara visited the DIEZ facilities in San Pedro Sula to talk about the current situation of Real España.  Photo: Yoseph Amaya.

criticism in recent years.
One has to learn to differentiate constructive criticism and focus on listening to it, taking it as advice and trying to improve oneself. Hence all those who grab a Twitter account and go around with the submachine gun I don’t stop ball.

What would you give for a Real España title?
The post. If I have to put my position in exchange for a title, I would.

Competing economically with Olimpia.
Obviously the budgets are different. Would Real España have the ability to hire a player? I don’t know how much Olimpia players charge, but let’s suppose $15,000? I don’t know of any name or value. There is no player in Real España who charges that. Can Real España afford to have a $15,000 footballer on the bench? It is not impossible. That is a luxury that Olimpia can afford. It is not a matter of a value, it is a matter of a cake, there is a global, total and monthly budget, how that budget is going to be divided, it is already a work of Julio Rodríguez. Yes, we can bring players at that cost, but DT is going to have fewer players. It’s a matter of how they want to cut the cake.

The international tournament and expectations.
It is where we must have the realities, see the odds of Real Spain to go to the Club World Cup and take out the calculator, they will be minimal. I think the championship that sticks to our reality is the Concacaf League. Next season, which even changes the format, where only the Central Americans are, I think that this should be our aspiration, the Central American league tournament.

In Concacaf, when players from the teams from Mexico and the United States come, I think they are a step up, obviously it is a competition, it is 11 against 11, we have the illusion of playing a good role and if we get the horse of Troy or Cinderella… But we have to keep our feet on the ground. Our focus should be the local tournament and qualify for the next international tournament.

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