“He told me to take Brazil’s No. 10 when he leaves”

Neymar will probably play his last World Cup in Qatar, the only trophy he misses. Three short goals from equaling King Pelé’s goal record, the Parisian star absolutely wants to give everything to Qatar in order to finish in the best possible way.

Neymar is already preparing for his retirement and has just appointed his heir in selection. Indeed, during a conversation on the PodPah podcast, Rodrygo, the Real Madrid striker shared what Neymar told him during Brazil’s last game in Asian territory. Carlo Ancelotti’s joker claimed that the Parisian star gave him the number 10 of the selection, only when he is no longer there.

“I’m leaving the team soon and number 10 is yours”, Neymar Jr told Rodrygo and revealed by winger Meringue after preseason games against South Korea and Japan.

By taking such a decision, Neymar may weaken Real Madrid’s other crack, Vinicius Jr. Hierarchically, Vini is ahead of Rodrygo in the Brazil selection. And better, the best young player of the season in the Champions League is seen as the natural successor to Neymar, because the two have similarities in their game and the Madrid player has always taken Neymar as his idol. But the former Blaugrana instead wants to see Rodrygo wear his number 10 when he’s gone.


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