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from Davide Frattini

The revelations of the (divorced) husband of a stewardess, linked to Yossi Cohen: “He’s a talker”


The always slicked-back hair, the smile as shiny as that combed back tuft. Over the past five years, Israelis have learned about the face and attitudes of this former spy who turned 60 in September. They barely knew the name of their predecessors and until 1996 not even that, the head of the Institute was identified with the initial.

A simple Y would not have been enough for Yossi Cohen. Even before concluding his mandate as director of the Mossad he wanted to build a public profile, spotlight on the shadows in which the organization in charge of external operations always tries to move. When in 2018 Benjamin Netanyahu – then prime minister, considered Cohen a possible successor to the leadership of the right – announces that the secret agents have managed to recover the dossiers of the Iranian nuclear program, the reporters receive confirmation from anonymous sources that the blitz inside Tehran was piloted live by Cohen himself (the anonymous source according to all).

Now retired (since last June) he is always the one who divulges other details about that raid during a television interview: the team – he says – was made up of 007 who spoke several foreign languages; the archive was hidden in an industrial area and at a certain point the Iranian guards and workers began to arrive while the operatives were breaking in (“it’s not like you can jump over to the other side of the wall and escape”). Choose a Hollywood comparison: «The style is a la Ocean’s Eleven with George Clooney, blowtorch to open the safe “. He would have blundered even further into what the Channel 13 investigative program claims to have been his mistress, a relationship that began in 2018 when Cohen was Israel’s spy boss. The two would have met on the plane where the woman worked as a flight attendant and on other trips around the world – which, however, should have remained clandestine – Yossi would have bragged to her and her husband.

Who decided to reveal the story to the journalist Raviv Drucker in a long confession broadcast the other night. He explained that he met Cohen through his wife, that he had dinner with him. “He is a talker – says Guy Shiker, well known in the financial world – and once he said that the Mossad controlled the personal doctor of an Arab leader. Or how he had to dress up as a tour guide for a mission. He prided himself on his managerial style, that when he became director he had kicked out six division heads because they were not loyal to him ».

Shiker wrote on his Facebook page that he went on TV to protect his two children (Cohen has four): “The price of silence is getting more and more expensive.” The former 007 denies and the woman tried to stop the broadcast through a judge’s intervention: her lawyers deny “the relationship with Cohen or that he spoke of secret actions to the couple”. They claim “that the marriage did not end because of Cohen as Shiker stated, our client had filed for divorce as early as 2016”. Drucker’s investigation also reveals that Cohen allegedly used the Mossad position to gather information about her husband and that Shiker himself would have solicited him to hire his personal assistant by offering her a place in the agency’s station in Bangkok. The request would have been granted.

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