He wanted to be the new jewel of America, he won the party and today he has no job

He could not succeed in America, it was too big for him
He could not succeed in America, it was too big for him

Historically, the basic forces of Club América have always been one of the strongest in the country, because despite the fact that the team is always full of foreigners, in Coapa every semester there are one or two players who stand out.

It is difficult to make the leap to the first team in Coapa because in addition to the foreigners that are above them, in America there is always the issue of the pressure that is experienced due to the demand of the fans, which is quite a lot.

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One of the Águilas homegrown players who dreamed of being the new jewel of América fell short, if he made his debut in the first division but not with América and is currently without a job in what is supposed to be the best moment of his career.

He couldn’t in America, now he’s unemployed.

The player who could never be that new jewel he wanted in America was Santiago Ormeno, who spent a couple of years in America and they fired him, now it seems that he would be left without a job because Chivas does not want him because of his poor level and he does not enter into the plans of any first division team, all this after it came to light a video where you can see Ormeño’s taste for nightlife.

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