‘He wants to play as if he were 25 years old’Half time

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The signing of Cristiano Ronaldo with the Al Nassr of Saudi Arabia continues to generate many reactions, the last one was made by eric cantonaformer soccer player and legend of Manchester Utdwhich did not save anything when criticizing the Portuguese.

What did Cantona say about CR7?

In an interview with the English media manchester eveningsthe French questioned the Portuguese footballer career that in a few weeks he will celebrate his 38th birthday

“There are two types of veterans: the one who wants to play every game because he still thinks he’s 25 and the one who realizes he’s not 25 and is here to help young playersHe knows that he will not play every game, but he is aware that he will have his moment”. mentioned Cantona.

“There are players who help the new ones: ibrahimovic he still does it with Milan, ryan giggs or own maldini when I was at Milan. Cristiano Ronaldo does not realize that he is not 25 years old. He is already older and is not aware that, instead of not being happy for not playing all should accept the situation: ‘Okay, I’m not 25 years old, I can’t always play, but I will help the youngsters and accept my situation,'” he added.

Likewise, the element of the Red Devils mentioned that he believes that The bug you are not managing in the best way your last years as a professional footballer, in addition to referring to how difficult it is to accept that the time has come to hang up the boots.

“The end of a career is like dying, but you have to start something else. And before you die, you’re getting old and you have to accept that you can’t do the same things you used to do”, he mentioned.

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