He was able to save Rayados against San Luis but Vucetich preferred to put an overrated

Víctor Manuel Vucetich DT and Rayados players.
Víctor Manuel Vucetich DT and Rayados players.

The alarms sound in the Football Club Monterey by adding another failure this semester after falling in their own stadium against Atlético de San Luis in playoffs, thus adding five tournaments in a row without being able to reach the semifinals with the most expensive of the entire MX League.

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They barely eliminated Rayados and the first player to be out is not Janssen

There are several pointed out by journalists and fans as guilty of the defeat because although the team started winningwas overcome in the first minutes of the second half and could not specify the chance of penalties after drawing in regular time at the last minute.

It was in that instance that the technician Víctos Manuel Vucetich could get Luis Cardenas, goalkeeper substitute for Monterrey who is characterized not only for being a good penalty saver but also for collecting them, although he stayed in the banking and his team was eliminated.

Vucetich put an overrated

Knowing that your team failure 4 of 5 penalties in the regular tournament and that a good saver was going to be vital for the shootout, Vucetich kept Esteban on the field Andradawho did not stop any of the penalties that charged him season Regular and Saturday night was no exception.

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Janssen would stay, the 3 trunks that are saved from the cleaning in Rayados

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