He was the next Chaco Giménez, they wasted him in Cruz Azul and he could reach Pumas

He was the next Chaco Giménez and now he would leave Cruz Azul
He was the next Chaco Giménez and now he would leave Cruz Azul

Blue Cross He still has life in Clausura 2022, so the Celestes have to prepare for their duel against tigers in the quarterfinals.

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Karma came to him, he left Cruz Azul for money and now he receives the worst news

In the meantime, Jaime Ordiales he plans the next season where he analyzes reinforcements and losses, so he would have to get rid of several players.

One of them would be the one who was destined to be next Chaco Gimenez in Cruz Azul but that in the end has been erased by John Reynoso.

It would be about Romulo Oterowho has characteristics similar to Chaco Gimenez like the long-distance shot, in addition to the field vision, but Reynoso has erased it due to different problems where they even got pushed according to The universal so now he would seek his way out.

Where would Otero go?

Because you have a contract with Blue Cross would have to look for a loan, that’s where Cougars he would raise his hand after he had already announced the departure of several players, so he would be looking for players on loan and Rómulo Otero would enter the list.

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The news that Quick Mendoza received in Cruz Azul and that would cause his departure from the Noria

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