He went on vacation! Zac Efron enjoyed the break with friends

UNITED STATES. – Zack Efron He shared some images of his vacation in Costa Rica, in addition to showing the beaches of the Caribbean country. The actor was seen by several of his fans in the area as he ran along the beach and enjoyed the beautiful view. Without a doubt the former protagonist of “High School Music” he is having some treats with some of his friends.

How could it be otherwise, the actor ended up being found by the paparazzi who reported what his activities were on the beaches. It seems that he was seen with his friends chatting with some women, who then spent the day with the group of boys. Without a doubt, the actor manages to make new friends in all the places he gives them a visit.

Furthermore, it seems that Zack Efron he was very busy surfing for much of his stay in the country. Besides, at one point he even wanted to document the whole moment by placing a camera with a tripod to account for the day’s activities. Without a doubt, the actor loves to keep memories of his trips and did not want to miss the opportunity to take some photos of it.

Zac Efron had a good time at the beach

It seems that the actor is taking a vacation before it’s time to start promoting one of his next films. It is that Efron has the film pending release with Apple TV, “The Greatest Beer Run Ever”. In this production we can see the actor wearing a mustache, which was commented on months ago by some US media.

The film is expected to hit the screens of said service during the American fall of this year. In the project Zack Efron will put on the skin of John “Chickie” Donohuewho leaves New York in 68′ to travel to Vietnam to share a few beers with his childhood friends who are in the war. It will certainly be an interesting story to watch.

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