He went to McDonald’s for lunch and was mistakenly given a bag with thousands of dollars

Hobart, Tasmania - March 20, 2019: McDonald's Fast food Restaurant.  McDonald's is the world's largest restaurant chain by revenue, serving over 69 million customers daily in over 100 countries across as of 2018.

He went to McDonald’s for lunch and was mistakenly given bags of thousands of dollars. Photo: Getty Images

A lucky McDonald’s customer was about to eat his Sausage McMuffin when he found thousands of dollars in cash inside the take-out bag delivered to him from the drive-thru.

Josiah Vargas couldn’t believe his eyes when he came across several wads of bills grouped in small Ziploc containers where his lunch for the day should be; so he pulled out his phone to share the find on TikTok.

“Guys, you don’t know how much I need this money,” he said in a viral video he posted Monday that has already racked up more than 1.3 million views. “What’s in this bag? Well, their damn deposits,” Vargas showed the viewers.

The boy, who did not disclose the location of the McDonald’s restaurant, took what happened with humor and, although he assured that those thousands of dollars would come in handy, he decided to return them to the self-service employees.

“It’s a couple thousand dollars here. What is this? Why would they do this? Now I have to return this because I’m a good person I guess,” Vargas added.

Within a few minutes, he returned to the fast food joint, quietly grumbling, “Why would they do this to me? Do you know how much I want this money?

But greed did not win this time. When he entered the restaurant, the employees greeted him with great relief, one of them even asking for a hug and a photo. “Guys, are you laundering money here or what?” Vargas asked jokingly.

“Oh my God!” and thank you!” They were the phrases that were heard the most in the video, where the team on duty that day seemed to be quite relieved by the generous return.

In a later cut, Vargas said that all the employees hugged him, thanked him and cried when they saw him arrive with the money. “I hope they give me free McDonald’s for a month, I guess,” he joked again.

They rewarded him with $200.

He later had to cut the video again because the restaurant team asked him to come back to reward his good deed with $200.

Although Vargas did the right thing by returning the cash, some viewers admitted that they would not have done the same in his position, especially after the hard hit to the pockets of millions of people with rising prices, inflation and the general financial crisis unleashed because of the pandemic.

“Nah, I would be McStaying with it,” one user joked in the comments section. Another agreed, writing: “I would literally say ‘The universe has blessed me’ and walk away.”

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The episode with Vargas has not been the only one at McDonald's.  Photo: Getty Images

The episode with Vargas has not been the only one at McDonald’s. Photo: Getty Images

One person chimed in: “Yeah, don’t pay the money back, McDonald’s will be fine,” while one commenter even claimed that Vargas most likely saved the employees’ paychecks.

“Someone was able to keep their job because you did the right thing,” they wrote.

In a follow-up video, Vargas admitted that he later went back to McDonald’s, but this time, they had no idea who he was. “They wrote down my name and number, and I had to pay for my two McChickens and a Sprite, which is fine. I’m not too worried about it,” he stated.

“Well that’s a McScam!” one person commented in response.

The episode with Vargas has not been the only one. In 2013, a Tennessee couple ordering breakfast at their local McDonald’s also accidentally received a bag full of cash.

Greg and Stacye Terry, from Hermitage, accidentally received thousands of dollars that were supposed to be deposited in the bank, but somehow ended up at the drive-through window.

The Terrys drove out of the parking lot, then home, to their surprise to discover the tickets in their order. The costly mistake was quickly discovered and the couple returned the money without hesitation.

“My husband opened the bag and found the money inside,” Stacye told NewsChannel5. “He told me, ‘You’re not going to believe this.’ And, indeed, it was the money that the employees had to deposit in the bank”.

“As soon as he said it was a deposit, the first thing we did was get in the truck and return it,” Stacye said. “There is no other way to have it. She couldn’t live with herself.”

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