He went to the hospital for back pain, spent 19 hours waiting for care and was diagnosed with a serious illness

30 Aug 2022 – 7:40 p.m.

Chantel McNeill, 44, chose to go to the emergency doctor after two weeks with severe back pain. However, she never imagined the attention she would receive in that place.

And it is that the woman affirmed that he passed out from the pain during a 19-hour wait in the emergency room of Windsor Regional Hospital, located in southwestern Ontario, Canada.

The most terrible thing came later, since, after finally being treated, she underwent a series of tests that ended up showing that she had a cancerous mass in her kidney and also a blood clot in her lungs, reports CBC News.

The final diagnosis

Chantel pointed out that a week after being treated at the medical facility, the oncologist told her that had kidney cancer and that it had spread to his lymph nodes.

The woman, once she received this tragic news, explained her experience being treated at the hospital, assuring that, apparently, at that time there were not many medical personnel, such as nurses.


They had other patients who seemed to need more than me… So I let them do what they had to do“, held.

waiting for an operation

After her visit to the doctor, the patient you have been seeing another specialist and waiting for surgery to remove affected organs.

Although the spokesperson for the Windsor Regional Hospital did not want to refer to the issue, the institution’s website indicated that waiting times “are high throughout the province,” which means that the patient “will have to wait more than normal for them to take care of it”.

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