He went to the US, declared in immigration and was deported for an unusual reason

I was deported”, began a video in which you can see how an Australian traveler undertakes the adventure towards the United States. After boarding the plane and arriving at an American airport, he immediately reappears in the aircraft, with the legend that advances his expulsion from the country. The young man had traveled there in 2018 and stayed for 90 days without any problem. Motivated by his experience, he decided to return. After almost 24 hours of travela large investment of money and with everything reserved, the unexpected happened to him: he was deported for something that had not even crossed his mind.

The traveler’s experience was published on the @akeimtakamura account, on the video social network. After his transfer in 2018, he returned to Australia and began saving with a goal. “I did exactly the same as the first time. I applied for the ESTA [programa de exención de visados] Y I was approved a second time, I had my tickets ready and where I was going to stay”, begins his narration.

A young man wanted to travel from Australia to the United States, but was deported

A young man wanted to travel from Australia to the United States, but was deported

Although it seemed that everything was in order, he arrived in America and went through the immigration filter. The officer asked him how long he would stay and, with everything in the plan, the Australian replied that 90 days. From there, he comments on the clip, the situation took a different nuance. They took him to the immigration room, where they asked him for more information and revealed what was happening. “They told me that the first time I had traveled I had not stayed 90 days, but technically, 91. This is due to time differences by zones or something like that (…) Even when I calculated that it was 90″, his explanation follows.

Apparentlyfor the immigration officers there was no valid justification, even though it was a couple of hours because of the time difference. “Even when I applied a second time, they approved me”, recalls the young man about his visa process. “It didn’t show up in the system or something. I went through the two airports in Australia ”, he adds.

Before concluding, the traveler, identified as Akeim, urged a key recommendation to be followed: “If you want to go to the United States with the ESTA, make sure you are there for a maximum of 89 days.” He also stressed that he had not been banned by the country, and that he can return if he applies for a visa.

A traveler describes the reason he was deported from the United States

A traveler describes the reason he was deported from the United States

Although he speaks of an “ESTA visa”, in reality this requirement -which is, precisely, a permit and not a visa- can be requested through an online form and is intended for those who wish to do vacations, business and transfers. It is not a type of visabut a valid travel authorization.

The case of this traveler could apply to other citizens who do not need a visa to enter the United States. Australia, for example, is one of the partner nations in the Visa Waiver Program. Consequently, this permit can be requested to enter the country legally.

All they have to do is apply for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). In this way, when you arrive in the US an officer takes fingerprints and verifies the reason for the trip. In accordance with Visa Help, Most Australian citizens do not require a visa to visit the United States, but there are exceptions. The following are not eligible:


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