He went to work in the United States with a TN visa and found a reality that devastated him: “It was hard”

Herbe Zapata, a 28-year-old Mexican, was a victim of the American dream. You planned to move to the United States to work with the TN Visa, the one that gives protection to all temporary professionals by the North American Free Trade Agreement, but it was not what he expected. The working conditions that had been promised to him were not fulfilled and their desire to obtain a better quality of life in the North American country was cut short. What she thought would be the chance of a lifetime for him, she took on another tone: that of a nightmare.

It all started when applied to a vacancy on the LinkedIn job platform and scheduled a remote interview. Later, she showed up at the shoot from his home in Tamaulipas, Mexico, hoping he would be accepted so she could move into the place of his dreams. The company evaluated your level of English and also your ability as an engineer.

After a while, received a job offer from the Allswell company. He was given the position of Production Engineer and an annual salary of $44,000. He accepted, but did not believe that when he arrived at his destination, everything would be different. “I couldn’t grow… I was working with the company for nine months and it was hard,” Heber explained in an interview with Univision 34 Atlanta.

They hired him as an engineer in the United States and then changed his position and pay
They hired him as an engineer in the United States and then changed his position and paypixabay

Once you received your contract by Allswell, he realized that he did not have the data that he had been offered. In the first place, the position said Maintenance & Production Technician and there was a clause that stated: “The jobs may change, because current ones could be closed when the candidate arrives.”

Also added some other clauses, like a week of vacation in July and another in December, a safe year in which the company would provide room and transportation to the employee and also an extra payment for working on holidays.

Although the contract did not match, the man accepted and set out for the United States. However, all the enthusiasm and excitement of the first days disappeared as soon as he saw that the living conditions were not what he had been promised. “He had nowhere to sleep, he didn’t even have a bed,” Heber said.

The salary was also reduced. “They took money out of our check for no reason… The company did not give us insurance… people who got sick had to stay at home,” he added.

His work in the United States was very heavy and very poorly paid
His work in the United States was very heavy and very poorly paidpixabay

After learning of his case, the chain Univision 34 Atlanta spoke to representatives from Allswell to ask questions about the company’s working conditions. They considered that they gave the best opportunities to their employees.

In addition, they emphasized that any problem that a worker might have, whether it be a disagreement related to the tasks they perform or their salary, could go to the Human Resources office.

They can go to Human Resources and, where appropriate, report to the Embassy of the United States.. At the time a TN visa is approved, the Consulate gives them all the necessary information so that they are protected and are not deceived,” the company emphasized to the aforementioned media.

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