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Paul McLaughlin

Paul McLaughlin

Today the UK video game industry paid tribute to Paul McLaughlin, dead at 57 last December. His career spanned more than 30 years, during which time he was Studio Art Director for developer 22cans. He has worked on titles such as Curiosity, Godus and The Trial.

Before holding that role, he was the studio’s artistic director Lionhead for 15 years. At the company he was responsible for the development of the Fable and Black & White series.

Various industry figures who have worked with McLaughlin have shared their thoughts on his disappearance, one of them being Peter Molyneux. “Paul came into my life in 1990 when he started at Bullfrog as employee number four. He was the first real game artist I ever met. He immediately became invaluable, an essential part of the many titles we worked on. He did. absolutely the difference on Powermonger, Syndicate, Magic Carpet, Theme Park and Dungeon Keeper, ”Molyneux said. “Then, when Lionhead was created, he not only led Black & White, The Movies and Fable, but he also helped run the company. A great artist, a wonderful mentor and an inspiring man.”

He continues: “Paul was a huge milestone in my life. He was a professional, moral and fun person who had the ability to see the right and sensible approach in any situation. I miss him every day. His legacy will be felt and seen for a long, long time. ”

Paul McLaughlin leaves behind his wife and three children. We make ours condolence to family, friends and colleagues.

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