Head shots: Miriam Leone also converts to fruity blond, after Kristen Stewart and Gigi Hadid


“Oops I did it again”: with the famous title of the song by Britney Spears (translated “Ops, I did it again”) the beautiful actress and new bride Miriam Leone (she recently married Paolo Carullo) announced on Instagram that she has switched back to blond. In fact, if the 36-year-old from Catania has made herself known with a brown hair color tending to red, identifying for her, it is not the first time that Miriam Leone amazes with blond. It had happened a couple of years ago when, to play the seductive Eva Kant in Diabolik, she had switched to a cool, almost platinum hairstyle. Miriam’s latest blonde revolution is instead more leaning towards autumnal shades.

The blonde hairstyle, of medium length, for now only glimpsed on the wavy hair of the actress and showgirl is definitely warmer and in line with her complexion and her eyes. Made by the Milanese salon DD The Studio by Davide Diodovich and the Master Colorist Francesca Nicotra, it fits perfectly into the seasonal trends that offer enveloping, full shades, reminiscent of the nuances of the leaves. In reality, the trendiest blondes are inspired by the fruit. Miriam Leone’s color, darker on the copper roots and golden on the lengths, recalls the shades of fishing and it is, not surprisingly, called golden peach.

The fruity blondes of the stars

As if to wink from afar, celebrities often align themselves on future trends, ready to launch them first. In fact, Miriam Leone’s transition to blond recalls another recent hairstyle change, this time of an international star: Kristen Stewart. The reflections of the blonde of the American actress, face Chanel, have been rather assimilated to the red of the Strawberry, which is why his is one strawberry blonde. In the case of the protagonist of Spencerin fact, the color turns much more to pink than the peach blonde hair of the Sicilian actress.


Strawberry blonde, Kristen Stewart’s strawberry blonde is the color of autumn

by Alessandra D’Acunto


If we go back in time, but only a few months ago, too Gigi Hadid had shocked, clearly positively, his fans and followers on social media, going first from a coppery red and then to a strawberry blonde with peach highlights. In the variegated world of beauty, someone had preferred rather to define it apricot, but the model dispelled all doubts with a little strawberry emoji next to her post. And if at the beginning that glossy and fruity color could seem like the joke of a filter, Gigi then showed that she changed her hairstyle for real, albeit for a short time.

In addition to Miriam Leone, Kristen Stewart and Gigi Hadid, other celebrities could be mentioned, such as Jessica Chastain, Phoebe Dynevor or Julia Roberts who, with brown hair tending to red, find in the fruity shades the most natural way to switch to blond. Always, of course, with a surprise effect.


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