Health and well-being from a generational perspective

This Monday, January 16, 2023, at 12:00 p.m., Human Resources Forum from Capital Radio (103.2), with Francisco García Cabello, Founder and CEO of Human Resources Forum, we talk live about health and well-being from a generational perspective with the Generation and Talent Observatory.

They will be with us: Elena Cascante, Ángeles Alcázar, managing partners of the Generation and Talent Observatory; Isabel Mancebo HRBP (Human Resources Business Partner) in Bahía de Cádiz de Navantiaand corporate link as HRBP Emotional Navantia, and, Monica Gutierrezemotional therapist and corporate wellness expert.

A unique space in its contents that you can listen to live and recorded with us, seeing how companies develop health and well-being policies in their organizations.

Live Human Resources Forum with people and companies

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It is very present on social networks, APP, #HR24horas. It has virtual solutions adapting to the new times from innovation and permanent creativity.

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