Health asks for more graduates in Medicine and the ULPGC replies: “What is missing are MIR places”

MIR students at the Las Palmas College of Physicians. / C7

Minister Darias urges universities to increase graduates by 10% and the Dean of Health Sciences points out that what is needed is more specialized training

Louisa del Rosario

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, yesterday asked Spanish universities to increase the number of graduates in Medicine by 10% due to the lack of specialists that the country suffers. Darias said in a summer course on infectious diseases at the University of Burgos collected by Efe that at this time there are more places called than new graduates. In fact, he stated that since the beginning of this legislature, the places for specialized health training have increased by 32%.

For the Dean of Health Sciences at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), Mar Tavío,
the problem is not the lack of graduates but the lack of specialized training places, the MIR, which is where the “bottleneck” occurs

According to Tavío, 13,500 graduates attended the last MIR call in which 8,188 places were offered, but 4% of them must be reserved for non-EU people.
“There are studies that indicate it. It is not logical to open more medical schools or open more places if doctors cannot access specialized training,” he warned..

The dean explains that there are those who already go out to work with their degree, but they are fewer and they know that sooner or later they will have to access that specialized training, necessary, for example, to access positions in public centers. «
The annual cost of a Medicine student is 6,000 euros. It is a degree with a high degree of training, it takes six years”, recalls Tavío. After this “effort”, he adds, “they don’t get MIR places”.

Tavío recalled that Spain is the second country in the world in number of medical schools, with an index of 0.95 when the WHO recommendation is 0.5. “Increasing the number of graduates does not solve the problem, what is missing are places for specialized training,” added the Dean.

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