Health asks the Ministry of Health that there are no vacant MIR positions in family medicine

Jesús Aguirre, Minister of Health of Andalusia. / SOUTH

Andalusia supports the manifesto of the councilors of Galicia and the Basque Country for the taking of urgent state measures in the field of primary care

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The Ministry of Health and Families asks the Ministry of Health that there are no vacant MIR positions in the specialty of family and community medicine. This is one of the requests included in the councilors’ manifesto for urgent state measures in primary care. Thus, Andalusia has joined the initiative sent to the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, by the Health Departments of Galicia and the Basque Country.

On June 15, during the meeting of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System, the problem of a shortage of specialists in family and community medicine that the entire National Health System is suffering became clear, a situation that is shared by the different autonomous communities.

The first measure that is required is that vacancies are not left empty in the MIR exam, as has happened this year with 200 throughout Spain. In addition, it is requested that those places that, being awarded, finally do not take possession of them, resigning before the signing of the contract, are not left unfilled. This change should be effective for the next MIR call.

The creation of the specialty of emergency and emergency medicine is demanded

Secondly, the creation, with preferential processing, of the emergency and emergency medicine specialty in Spain is defended, as was done a few months ago with child and adolescent psychiatry, if possible before the the next MIR exam is carried out, since this will benefit primary care.

Thirdly, the document sent to Health indicates that it is necessary to increase, through emergencies, the number of places for specialized medical training in family and community medicine to be able to face the generational change and the prospects of deficit on the that the ministry’s own report warns.

In this sense, a more flexible and agile teaching unit accreditation system is needed. For this reason, it is also necessary to approve, before the next MIR call, the revision of the regulations on accreditation requirements for teaching units in the specialty of family medicine, which, among other measures, should keep the call open so that the accreditation is permanently open.

extraordinary call

The fourth point of the manifesto says that, once this accreditation system and the specialty training program have been reformed, allowing a greater number of positions to be accredited, it is necessary to do so through a call for extraordinary MIR positions in the specialty of family medicine and community. Fifthly, it is committed to developing the instruments that allow the National Health System to plan its training offer more rigorously in the future.

Finally, the sixth point refers to the fact that it is necessary to promote and implement, through the State Action Plan, all possible measures that facilitate the competence development of the specialist in family and community medicine, giving him time and space to recover his role as backbone of the best comprehensive care for citizens.

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