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medical consultations on-line during the pandemic they increased by 150% and that boost that telemedicine had has been definitive, specialists maintain. We are not going to return to the previous scenario, of almost exclusively face-to-face attention. In the post-covid era, versatility makes its way, health-related needs will be covered in very different and innovative ways. Telemedicine is, according to the WHO, an efficient way of providing health services.

Savia is one of those innovative solutions designed for the company. It offers the possibility of having healthcare personnel in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This health services platform adapts to the needs of each company, presents subscription and pay-per-use models for each service and combines various care modalities on-line and face-to-face.

What until recently was defined as “the medicine of the future” is now the medicine of the present. Health is a personal and collective heritage that requires efficient tools to preserve it and, if it is damaged, restore it. This value is especially relevant in the field of business. Betting on the health of your employees is not an expense, but an investment. The goal is 360º well-being. Having a permanent professional health team, in addition to improving the health of the workforce and preventing possible complications, attracts and retains personal talent, increases productivity and minimizes absenteeism.

The medical field has always been closely linked to innovation, because it covers a basic need: health. This innovation translates into the Savia platform in a range of digital health services that offers multiple possibilities of care inside and outside of Spain. For less important doubts, the ‘A doctor answers’ service is available. If the user prefers to speak directly with a professional, they can do so through the ‘A doctor calls you’ modality. Another service, the ‘Medical Chat’, is available every day of the year, 24 hours a day. Another possibility of medical attention is the immediate and scheduled video consultation, a modality that Savia also offers with psychologists and nutritionists.

Stress, relationship problems, a difficult duel or an addiction are problems that can be addressed with a licensed psychologist through video consultation. The same goes for everything related to nutrition. A professional can help, among other things, to achieve a goal, such as weight loss or disease prevention or control, and lend a hand to adapt to situations such as pregnancy or breastfeeding. The idea, with Savia, is to segment the service according to the pathology or circumstance to be treated and to make the best professional available to each person to do so in each case.

He knows in depth all the sides of the coin.


Professional care is complemented by services that make Savia a global care platform. Thus, there is the possibility of having electronic prescriptions, the user also has at his disposal a blood saturation meter and a ‘Health folder’ with the history of the care received. On the other hand, a ‘Symptom Evaluator’, the only one clinically validated, becomes a privileged medical assistant. It is based on artificial intelligence, a tool that in the future will be key in any diagnostic process because it gathers data from millions of medical records. The reliability it offers is comparable to that of the best team of specialists.

Having a permanent professional health team, in addition to improving the health of the workforce and preventing possible complications, attracts and retains personal talent, increases productivity and minimizes absenteeism.

When health fails we feel vulnerable and we need professional and fast solutions, applied with the usual good hand of the family doctor. It is the professional who determines what to do, and sometimes that attention goes through the need for face-to-face services. Savia offers home medical assistance in all the provinces of Spain ‒including a cardiologist‒, as well as nursing, physiotherapy, podiatry, clinical analysis and a midwife. The care is provided through professionals and centers of reference in specific specialties and hospital and diagnostic groups of reference in our country.

There are no diseases, but individuals who require personalized attention. The service offered by Savia is designed for a person with a specific name and surname. You can work in the primary sector growing vegetables, on an assembly line in an automobile industry, or in a bank office. The important thing is that your health is safe and that it is guaranteed to be accessible. The subscription models foreseen in Savia offer different modalities that range between 12 euros and 40 euros per employee per year. Physical and psychological health are just a click away: well-being is always a profitable bet.

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