Health Calabria, the second sub commissioner and a new amendment are on the way

The health system in Calabria has yet to be supported. And in this direction the commissioner and sub commissioner work hard. In fact, important news is expected in the coming weeks starting from the top management and from the completion of the commissioner structure which will be enriched with a new element. The appointment of the second sub commissioner is expected in one of the next Council of Ministers: this is Ernesto Esposito, whose talks with the President of the Region have never stopped. He will support Maurizio Bortoletti in the reorganization of the Calabrian health system. The public executive has a past in health facilities in Campania and Basilicata.

A new amendment

In the meantime, the editorial staff of a second amendment which should recover part of the elements lost in the approval process of the first, included in the tax decree and voted in the Senate late yesterday evening. Most of the forecasts had been canceled and will probably be recovered in a corner through the drafting of a second provision.

Intensive care in Calabria

The reorganization of the hospital network in progress aimed at strengthening and implementing the number of intensive care beds is not secondary. The dossier is in the hands of the sub commissioner, Maurizio Bortoletti, which is carrying out a survey – company by company – of the spaces and the ability to increase hospitalizations in the shortest possible time. A solution – but more long-term – comes through the installation of modular structures of intensive care that the Army has declared to be able to make available. In this case the times would expand, it would take at least three or four months but at the moment there are two of the ASPs in the central area of ​​Calabria. The Giovanni Paolo II hospital in Lamezia Terme could accommodate a 10-bed modular cue and a 6-bed Vibo Valentia hospital.

Vaccination campaign

Swirl of meetings also on the vaccine front. After this morning’s meeting with the commissioners of the health and hospital companies, at 1 pm the President of the Region met the trade union representatives of general practitioners. A draft is being studied which should be approved in the coming weeks for the signing of a new memorandum of understanding to intensify the activities of general practitioners in the area. But there are many hypotheses under consideration: the president of the Region has expressly requested a collective effort to rapidly increase vaccination standards and to recover the confidence of skeptics who have so far proved refractory to the immunization campaign. In this sense, general practitioners could play a leading role but the use of new and unprecedented spaces for vaccination is also evaluated: schools and even churches.

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