Health calls for an opposition of 330 more positions in Family Medicine and 900 in Nursing

The Ministry of Health has convened a new selective process for the coverage, through the free access system, of 330 places in the category of specialist graduate in Family and Community Medicine of the Health Service of Castilla y León, corresponding to Job Offers Public of the years 2019 and 2021, of which 33 places are reserved for the turn of people with disabilities.

In addition, the selective process has been called for the coverage, through the free access system, of 900 positions in the category of Nursing personnel of the Castilla y León Health Service, corresponding to the Public Employment Offer for the years 2020 and 2021, of which 90 places are reserved for the shift of people with disabilities.

Both calls, negotiated at a sectoral table, appear in today’s Official Gazette of Castilla y León and will join other selective processes before the end of the year, with a cumulative total of 2,534 places, corresponding to public employment offers derived from the rate to replace staff (offer the vacancies that arise from personnel who stop working), fulfilling the commitment assumed not to let any offer expire or lose any position that could be covered by permanent personnel through ordinary selection systems.

These calls are going to take place after the recent allocation of places for 42 medical specialties, which has enabled 1,882 professionals to gain access to a position as permanent statutory staff of the Castilla y León Health Administration, of which 710 are family doctors (and now the 330 newly announced places are added).

In order to favor the professional development of SACYL workers, another 190 Nursing positions will be announced for the internal promotion shift, which will be added to the 900 already mentioned.

The rest of the categories that are being negotiated, and that will be convened before the end of the year, are the following, distinguishing access by free shift and by internal promotion:

A total of 1,034 places are planned per free shift, distributed in the following categories: 9 Higher Degrees in Health Administration; 11 Administrative Management; 13 of Technical Engineers; 30 Maintenance Officer (Heater/Plumber); 60 Administrative; 18 Specialist Restoration Technician; 12 Technician Specialist in Lodging; 218 Administrative Assistant; 420 from Keeper; 82 of Physiotherapists; 22 Superior Technician in Pathological Anatomy; 13 Superior Technician in Oral Hygiene; 16 Superior Technician in Radiotherapy; 6 Higher Technician in Nutrition and Dietetics; 61 Senior Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Technician; and 43 Superior Technician in Diagnostic Imaging.

Due to internal promotion, 80 places are foreseen, distributed in the following categories: 60 for Higher Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Technician; 15 for Senior Diagnostic Imaging Technician; and 5 for Pharmacy Technician.

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