Health challenges in people 50 and over

Last weekend I had the fortune to see once again one of the films that have undoubtedly become part of my favorites Fashion Intern with the gentleman Robert DeNiro and the gorgeous Anne Hathaway. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSUjmrFt69g

Nancy Meyers, the director of this film, boldly addresses various current issues such as retired peopleworking women, Successful women starting their own business, women criticizing other women, infidelity in young couples, role changes in marriage (when they stay as “households” and they go out to work in search of sustenance and they also do it successfully), the informality of young people and some eternal adolescents, among other issues.

For this delivery I would like to rescue two relevant topics that inspired me to reflect and share with you:

On the segment of the population of older people: promote a new culture to learn to navigate this stage of life in a dignified and full way
– About the companies: the film opens a window with new opportunities to generate spaces for people who want to stay active in their old age; it is truly encouraging to think of these possibilities and what they could represent for thousands of people in our country.

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If a man or woman reaches the age of 60 or more and has had an active working life, they have surely worked between 35 and 40 years, which represents a great work experience and even makes them experts in some areas; however, the labor market no longer recognizes them, much less generate opportunities.

And how to avoid the inevitable, that in the “Age of Joy” the life does not become monotonousboring, meaningless, dealing with the body, illnesses, the tiredness of the years and bad character.

How to get the spark of life back? Perhaps not as it was in those years, but in a more full, I knew, worthy Y happy.

In the film fashion intern, Ben Whittaker (Robert DeNiro) is a 70-year-old retired widower who had a successful career throughout his life. After the death of his wife, Ben travels the world and tries to keep busy and finds an opportunity in the company of Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), who is a successful young entrepreneur who started an online clothing sales company, which in a year and a half has achieved great success in New York and has more than 200 employees.

This company generates senior intern programwhich proposes to give a new experience a chance, because as the slogan of the film says “It’s never too late to try”.

The plot goal is that so much Jules as Benlearn from each other, because Jules needs to slow down her life and Whittaker is the perfect person to make her stop at times and identify what do you really want for the future of your business and for your Personal life. On the other hand, Whittaker needs to reintegrate into the world to don’t feel outdated despite his age.

This is a real opportunity for Ben Whittaker (Robert DeNiro), who takes it too seriously and through the film leaves us some lessons that undoubtedly present us with a new paradigm of how to age.

reality principle
Without a doubt one of the biggest challenges for retired people is free time. As retirees popularly say: I take a shower, I have breakfast, I brush my teeth and I get busy; so if time is not used properly, boredom, illnesses, alcohol and bad character arrive, among other disagreements

take charge
Taking care of yourself, feeling useful, having a schedule of activities is a personal responsibility that must be assumed, so you have to take charge and look for occupations that you like and enjoy, whether they generate complementary income or only represent an occupation.

learn about technology
Taking a course, training in new technologies or social networks, allow us to be up to date and in contact with the real world, so ICTs should not be neglected.

apply the experience
The experience of older people, common sense, experiences in all areas of life represent great wisdom that provides younger people with very important points of view, in some cases in critical situations, both business and family, as we saw in the film.

Many times, advice to a child, friend or even a perfect stranger can reveal a decisive point of view for your life.

Continue connecting with young people
Young people represent vitality, hope, doing, and have so many qualities that bring amazing energy to adults, so it pays to learn how to relate to and learn from young people.

Be willing to help others
Generosity, help, the spirit of service are undoubtedly qualities that also favor receiving. don’t forget that “He who gives receives more than he who receives.”

Open the opportunity to love
Be alone or accompanied “it’s never too late to try.” Fall in love again, fall in love with life, flowers, sunsets, rainy days and nights, awaken your amazement at nature; conquer her partner again and if she is alone, try love again.

Love your children, grandchildren, family and friends intensely, build and maintain a network of people who are kind, gentle, funny and good conversationalists. Do not isolate yourself, be present in the lives of the people you love.

never stop learning
Arouse your interest and wonder to learn, learn and learn again… Take every opportunity to stay up to date and talk about these topics, you will feel updated, vibrant and contributing points of view. Do not complain or criticize others.

A good practice can be to stop reading and listen to the bad news, they do not contribute anything to you; pay more attention to the good news.

Be careful in approaching the issues
Prudence and discretion was one of the attitudes that I most rescued from our main character Ben, he always approached the most complicated issues that arose during the film with great care, and this attitude is always appreciated.

Generate empathy through gestures
Pay close attention to your daily communication, “A gesture says more than a thousand words”. Show kindness and empathy and, where appropriate, firmness in their verbal, gestural and body language.

Learn to make new friends and learn from them
Keep an open attitude to meet new people, without a doubt they give you the opportunity to learn and accompany you in this stage of your life, enjoy.

Take care of your health
The most important thing is the physical body and the mental attitude; remember, his body is his house, he dwells in it; Learn to take care of yourself and carry all the protocol you already know.

coin the phrase I’m in a hurry to be happy; rush your time to laugh, play, dance and love; dare to do different things, get out of your comfortable zone surprise yourself and surprise others.

It would be great if in one of our mexican companies open their doors to the experience… because it’s never too late to try.

I recommend this extraordinary movie, and if you liked this article, share it and write me your comments at [email protected]

If you are interested in having a free advice on your business, please contact me.

choose to live positively

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