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After the complaint about the discovery of 185,000 expired medicines in Manabí hospitals, the authorities have proceeded to request the suppliers to replace these medicines; in other cases there are legal actions.

The alert about expired medicines was given by Vice President Alfredo Borrero himself, who visited Manabi hospitals in January.

Only in the contingency hospital Rafael Rodríguez Zambrano, in Manta, 34,591 expired products were found, as reported at the time by the Vice Presidency of the Republic, that is, in that hospital more than 20% of all expired medicine in hospitals was detected manabites.

Bosco Barberán, zonal coordinator 4 of the Ministry of Public Health (MSP), pointed out that there are a few drugs and medical devices that have been duly notified to the supplier company so that they can carry out the exchange, whether material, economic or legal.

The official considered that there is no economic damage to the State regarding the complaint made weeks ago by the vice president.

“From the reports that we have received in this coordination of the operating units that were observed at the time (complaint from the vice president), and from that report that we have transferred to the knowledge of the higher authorities, there is no economic damage to the institution. , that is to say, to the MSP and to the State”, declared Barberán.

More than 185,000 expired medications found by the vice president on a tour of Manabí hospitals

The zonal coordinator indicated that in most cases, when there are drugs that are about to expire, the same contract determines that the company must be notified three months in advance so that it proceeds with the timely exchange of the drugs; and, in the event that the company has not echoed the exchange demand, a legal process is followed to recover the values ​​for the drugs.

He pointed out that, for example, in the Specialty Hospital of Portoviejo, a legal action is being taken to recover what the companies have not complied with.

“But in the rest of the hospitals, both in the Manta hospital and the Verdi Cevallos Balda hospital, we did not find any major novelties in relation to the processes, that is, the normal process of exchanging and recovering the values ​​for expiration effect. (…) In all hospitals and in all warehouses you will find a section where expired medicines or in the process of expiring are found,” said Barberán. (I)

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