Health in Your Family There have been more than 227 thousand visits to Michoacán homes

SSM doctors have given more than 167 thousand consultations to the same number of patients

Morelia, Michoacán, November 17, 2023.- With the Salud en Tu Familia program, the Michoacán government provides door-to-door consultations through brigades composed of doctors, nurses and nutritionists.

To date, through the Michoacán Ministry of Health (SSM), 227 thousand houses have been visited in 66 municipalities, which represents 167 thousand 313 medical consultations for the same number of patients, as well as timely diagnosis of chronic diseases. Also conducts laboratory studies to find out. , diabetes, anemia and hypertension.

In addition, patients who are found to be in unsafe conditions, with physical, social or mental limitations that prevent them from leaving alone to request consultation, are monitored in their homes and are provided with wheelchairs, canes and walkers. Such functional equipment is provided.

Salud en Tu Familia, a program operating through May 2022, aims to deliver medical care and laboratory services to the homes of vulnerable populations and to provide free and timely medical services to older adults with limited chronic diseases, pregnant women without prenatal care, people with . Disability, patients who suffered from COVID-19, bedridden patients, as well as abandoned patients, those in the final stages, with mental disorders or addictions.

Of the patients treated, 51,968 are women; The most notable ages have been 20 to 59 years; The most commonly found conditions include hypertension with 18,798 cases, diabetes with 16,466, obesity with 11,212, depression with 6,780 and osteoarthritis with 2,495.

Similarly, the disabilities found by doctors are: physical in 6,058 cases, visual in 4,679, psychosocial in 4,726 and hearing in 2,980 patients. All are directed to your attention and follow up.

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