Health is working on a 5P Plan to consolidate personalized medicine

The Minister of Health, Carolina Dariashas announced that the Ministry of Health works in the Plan 5P of the National Health System (SNS), a plan to update and expand the infrastructure for health centers in the consolidation of personalized precision medicine, which will allow diagnosis and therapeutic or preventive measures to be adapted in a more individualized way. This Plan, as he has outlined, will respond to the need for resources in the SNS to carry out genetic and genomic tests, as well as the storage, processing and analysis of the data derived from them.

This was announced at the opening of the III Symposium of the Health Observatory which, under the title ‘Looking towards the future of the health system’, organized by El Español and Invertia.

Darias explained that genetic tests constitute a tool of great value for the diagnosis and prognosis of diseases with high health impact and great social impact such as rare diseases, oncological diseases and undiagnosed diseases, and they are also key to the selection and monitoring of optimal pharmacological treatments, which results in greater safety and efficiency when using targeted therapies.

Likewise, with the aim of adapting our SNS to health innovations, to cutting-edge techniques, the Ministry of Health has appointed 14 new hospital centers to the network of advanced therapies in the SNSwith which Spain doubles its care capacity to care for adult patients with large B-cell lymphoma, mantle cell lymphoma, multiple myeloma and acute lymphoblastic leukemia, both in adults and in pediatrics.

The minister has also reviewed the main lines of action of her department both to improve care for diseases and prevention and health promotion. With this objective, Health is deploying measures such as the reinforcement of Public Health surveillance or the creation of the State Public Health Agency.

Technological renewal and digital health

The Minister of Health has explained some of the important improvements that are being undertaken in the SNS, among them with the INVEAT Plan which represents the largest investment in high-tech hospitals in the history of our country, renewing and/or expanding 851 pieces of equipment, with an investment of 795 million euros.

Darias has also referred to the promotion of the digitization of the system through the Digital Health Strategy of the SNS that will allow the development of the National Health Data Space, as well as the promotion of projects focused on digital and intelligent clinical history, or the telemonitoring of patients. A strategy that will have financing of more than 700 million euros, channeled largely through the PERTE Vanguard Health.

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